Chickpeas:- Shaped like hazelnuts, and with a tasty nutty flavor when cooked, Chickpeas are a key ingredient for many of the traditional and non-traditional dishes all around the world. Chickpeas are also commonly used in the preparation and garnishing of salads. We import chickpeas from Burma, India and Australia.

Yellow peas:- Yellow peas are very famous and largely used edible in the sub-continent. They are primarily imported from Ukraine and France. The uses of yellow peas are going rapidly in the Far East and Asia Pacific countries.

White chickpeas:- This specie of chickpea is also largely used in the South Asian countries. The use of white chickpea is growing steadily. The research has exclaimed that the use of white chickpea controls the hypertension. The white chickpea is commonly available and is used around the world in sub-tropical dishes. We source white chickpeas mainly from Burma, Australia, Canada, Turkey and India.

Desi Chickpeas:- The harvest of Desi chickpea in Pakistan is one of the finest in the world both in terms of quality and quantity. The desi chickpeas are exported and are also imported for domestic use. The above average quality of desi chickpea has resulted in the export of this commodity. The Desi chickpea is only imported from Australia.

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