Red-Kidney Beans:- This kidney-shaped bean holds its shape and color and is therefore great in mixed bean salads and stews. The red-kidney beans are very commonly used in the preparation of salads of different kinds. The use of these particular beans is large and the consumption is on the higher side too. The red-kidney beans are imported from China and Kenya.

Black-Eyed Beans:- Small and creamy-flavored, with a black 'scar' where they are joined to the pod. Used a lot in American and African cooking and are the essential ingredients in a traditional southern-style dish. Apart from being used in USA and Africa, they are largely demanded by the domestic consumers. The proteins and nutrients in the black-eyed beans are on the higher side as compared to other pulses. AAC imports black-eyed beans from Burma.

Green-Mung Beans:- Like black-eyed beans, green-mung beans are also largely used. They are used in American and European dishes but the consumption in South Asian countries have increased alot. The increasing consumption of green-mung beans shows that they are being used in different dishes across the continent and they are also being served with the main dishes as a side-line order. We import green-mung beans from Burma and Australia.

Moth Beans:- Moth beans are the primary harvests in Pakistan. They are of Thar and Sibbi origin. The quality of moth beans produced by Pakistan is greatly liked and admired globally. The export of the moth bean is allowed during the bumper season and during shortage the moth beans are also imported to cater the requirement of the domestic demand.

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